Minggu, 11 November 2012

Contoh Teks Report

Kiler insects

Human beings always regard tigers, snakes, bears, crocodiles, sharks
and lions as killers. However, we always forget to mention that tiny
insects actually kill more people around the word than these ferocious
animals. Many insects are considered killer insect because they are
able to spread deadly diseases to human beings There are many diseases
spread by insects to humans. The most common diseases are malaria,
dengue fever, encephalitis, filariasis lyme disease, leishmanialisis,
changas disease, plague and typhus.

Among the insencts responsible for thesee diseases are mospuitoes,
bugs, fleas, flies, and ticks. Many of the diseases infected by
insects are not actually caused by the insects themselves, but rather
by organisms passed On when the insects bite and feed. In this case ,
the responsible disease-causing organism is called a pathogen, and the
insect responsible is know as a vector.