Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

Contoh Teks Narative

The Lion’s King
                Once upon a time in a forest lived a lion  familys and all of animals.Lion had  a big and beautiful kingdom.The name’s king Batuta.He was good locking,humble,and helpful.He had a few,the name clarita.She is beautiful,clever,and fair.
                One day Clarita asked  to her husbend looked for fruits because she pregnant with a child.
“well king i needed fruits ,will you to looked in a forest?”.The king answer “ok,baby,this is to my son”
                Many week,the queen to reveal the baby.The king very happy.The baby good looking as his father .then a king planed  to make the baby to appoint king but his brother disagree because he wished a kingdom. Batuta’s son is Cakra, Cakra’s uncle is Paul.
                One day his uncle as him to central forest but his uncle to stay him. Then paul talked about cakra be lost.

                “Your son be lost. I’m sorry brother and sister. “
                The king said  “ What ? where are you as him?”
                Paul said “i’m sorry sametimes a go to walked but he lost”
                The king and Queen very sad and belief with Paul . in a foresr Cakra wild ginger by a couple gorrila. They  name panduta and panduti. They take care he and give name panda.
                Many years Cakra or Pandawa grow up but he angered who’s parent and he asked panduta
                “Father who’s my parent?”
                “Your parent is king and queen in a kingdom on far”
                Cakra asked “What are they name?”
                Panduta answere”Batuta and Clarita”
                “May I’m to looked for my parent Dad”
                “Ok my son, becarefull”
                In a walked he listen a news about The king was pass away, he walk very fast. Get to thr point of Kingdom Cakra or  Panda see busy and his secream.
                King and Queen scared and the queen asked “ who are you?”
                Cakra or panda said “i’m Panda I’m your son”
“Are you sure?”
                “Yes i’m sure”
                “The King is Very Happy but The king was pass away”
                Some Paul speed run but cakra chased him. Until revine and he fralled and Paul pass away. The end cakra and hid mother to happy this life